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Very well known in the Kuwait’s market, with over 11 years of experience in both Kuwait’s and the glob’s enterprises and local businesses.

Whatever your business needs,
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My Latest Work

No project is ever more important than the other .. I strive to give out my very best to each and every client I support.

My Skills

When it comes to creative thinking there is no one best way .. my clients however think I always get it right!

Since middle school and people were telling I’m showing extreme talent. Improving my arts using all trainings I could land my paintings-smuggled fingers on .. and even to finally start combining visual arts with the age’s modern technology, the web, sine high school and through college, working at the Ministry Of Social Security while still finishing school to have a Hands-On improvement on every new skill and knowledge. Heading the development supervision at Kuwait’s top creative development agencies such as Design Master and Al-Raya Events .. and to finally start independently supporting small business owners achieving their personal income dreams.

  • Graphic Design – 95%
  • Web Design & Systems Development – 92%
  • Research and Business Strategy – 93%

What I do

From 3D designs, print design, and all the way to multi-system web development along its artistic creative designs. Your business’s needs from A to Z can be brilliantly fulfilled in one place.

Graphic Design

Creating from hand drown sketches all the way to rich multimedia, your business identity from logo, theme colors and multi-channeling start and be complete right here!



Design AND eXcution. All your Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook Ads and more, with Metrics reading to assure you the impact of your new design on your clients.

Web Design

As Artistic as it get! Have your website taking the breaths as a piece of painting would, or have it simplified to focus only on your eCommerce products or company services. Anything web design you’ve ever seen online .. and more! Guaranteed


Registration systems, Events Management, Finance and accounting, eCommerce and even HR! Website is no longer just info about your business, but a full integrated system that keeps your work running in automation while you’re enjoying your trips outside.

Price List

One Time cost only, and your business is Up And Running till your kids grow up … Well, maybe an update every few years.

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From My Clients

Almost All of my clients develop a long lasting relationship for up to 5 years. Perfect project delivery is only the beginning .. keeping your business growing is my real goal 🙂

“I’m the very first to introduce Zumba training in Kuwait. I needed both an equally unique site explaining my training, and an elegant online system taking all the load of classes registration and attendance checking. I had no experience in online registration systems to highlight what I really need, but with Moe’s experience (whom I only seen his work on Instagram), he still got me exactly what my training needed! I recommend using online systems for all small-medium business owners, and I highly recommend Moe as well. ”

Rana Al-Omani

Owner, Rana Fitness

“Nothing less than an artist, the least I can describe Moe’s work. After over 10 years in the business here in West Hampstead, London, I needed to rebrand my spa center for the 2020. I asked friends around both here in Europe and the Middle East, Moe was the most impressing of the recommendations I got. I’m so glad I worked with him, truly everything I heard and much much more.”


Co Founder, Elite Spa London

“I needed a system to handle all my trainees requests instead of the interrupting Whatsapp massages I used for that before. Moe’s system was waay more than I expected. All my work organized in minutes, not to mention how much the design reflects on me.”

Hessa AlMutawwa

Owner, Belly Fit Me

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